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About Us

Here we are for you

Simplicity is the way. That’s our motto.

As Combasis, we aim to reach our customers to their goals in the best way, in full cooperation. Many teachings address simplicity. “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication” allegedly said by Leonardo Da Vinci. Nowadays, when everything is getting more and more complicated, creating simple operations or designs is the most difficult. That’s it, we set out to accomplish big things with a small team to bring this value to our valued customers and the world.

Now that you know who we are, let’s look at what we can do together.

Total Transformation

Digital transformation is spoken by every company and individual today. However, we think that digital transformation alone is not enough. The products we offer are digital transformation itself, but end users who use these products are also the most important part of this transformation. In the services we offer, we ensure that the users of this transformation keep up with the transformation.

Team Work&Office Culture

Obviously we didn’t like the offices very much. Working from a distance (using Microsoft Teams) or working on the spot makes us more productive and happy. One of the things we call total transformation is this way of working, we can work for you anywhere. Our supplement is so accustomed to such a culture of work that we were born to work just like that.

Independency is Important

Hundreds of platforms, technology dependency or prerquisits and neccesities … Technology rapidly changes every second, everyone knows that ver well, tech giants directing technology try to connect everything for their good. Our sight is different, in our approach, maximum platform independence is as important as the independence of a person. We will try to minimize platform dependency in the applications we offer you. We are looking for technologies that offer the fastest and simplest solution day by day and we want to use them for you.

Skills & Expertise

We don’t know everything, we don’t understand everything, but we do what we know well. We know our shortcomings and we are very assertive in this. Our team is improving itself with trainings and at work every day. Knowing something 100% does not mean that you can use that information 100%. Yes, the bars on the right will never be 100%, but the services and products we will offer you will always be 100% satisfied.

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That’s us, simple.

We are gonna proud of to serve you with our proper solutions. Get advice on how to maximize your business. Learn how to build a strong information systems by using our consultancy services. Check out our services and if you like us please contact with us or we are able to contact with you.

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